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HP’s affordable notebook computer, released in 2014, and is fitted out with Windows 8.1, an AMD E1 2100 / 1 GHz processor, and 4GB DDR3L RAM. It goes by the model number: 15-f009wm.

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Upgrading RAM from 4GB to 16GB

My HP 15 F209wm notebook has 4GB of DDR3L RAM, however, I would like to upgrade my RAM to at least 16GB; but my motherboard only supports up to 8GB of RAM, by way of 2 4GB RAM slots (my motherboard also supports 6GB of RAM, 2GB DDR3L x 4GB DDR3L). Should I upgrade my motherboard, in order to make the RAM upgrade, or should I stick with the device specific motherboard and specifications and only upgrade up to 8GB of RAM?

FYI - The upgrade is to obtain better performance, as my PC is suffering from slower performance, I feel due to insufficient RAM storage.

Thanks - Marcellus

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Do you still use a hard drive in this computer?


@andrewsawesome I do still use the factory HDD, but I have been thinking of upgrading this as well.


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I would stick with the current motherboard and upgrade the RAM and storage device. For the RAM, get 2 4GB RAM sticks. For the SSD I would get a WD Blue SSD (The WD Blue SSD will give your computer about a 5 second boot time).

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