Can hear me only with loudspeaker activated!

Hello everybody.

After replacing the circuit of the volume and power keys and having reassembled everything, I realized that when Im having a call the interlocutor only hears me if I activate the loudspeaker. The whatsapp audios and the recorder works.

I think there are two microphones: for the calls is the one at the bottom where there is USB charging, the other, for the loudspeaker and the recorder, is on the top.

Can you confirm that the problem is the microphone located at the bottom near the USB connector? I doubt because I put my hand on the top of the phone, not the bottom one.

I hope I was clear, thanks to those who will answer and sorry for my bad English.

PS: I did a system update but I don't think it's a software problem, I tried to make a call in safe mode but it still doesn't work.

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