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Dies ist die kleinere kostengünstigere Version von Samsung zehntem Galaxy Flaggschiff-Smartphone, das im Februar 2019 auf den Markt kam. Es wird mit Android 9.0 (Pie) geliefert.

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Blank screen after battery replacement

Replaced the battery i n my Samsung S10e, checked that everything was working properly, which it was. Ran the battery down to 0% as instructed to calibrate the battery. Once plugged into the charger, my screen is no longer functioning. The battery has charged, and the phone will turn on, but the screen stays blank and unresponsive. Screen is physically undamaged.

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Having this problem as well. Did you manage to find a solution?


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Was suggested by someone to disconnect the new battery and plug in the old battery. I did this and the screen worked again. Unplugged the old battery and plugged the new battery back in and the screen is working.

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Tried this to no avail. I can see on scrcpy that the phone is working, but display is black as ever. Tried reseating the display connectors as well, no dice.


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There is the chance that the screen connector became disconnected during the repair process. You’re looking at the connector shown in step 23 of this guide:

Samsung Galaxy S10e Display austauschen

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Hi Jacob,

Thanks for your comment. I did check that the display connector. The display worked when the battery was initially installed. It only stopped working after the battery drained to 0% and I tried to charge it.


@Jeff Mcgrath Not a problem! Did reattaching the old battery allow the phone to work again?


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I applied too much pressure on the screen after reattaching the back panel with glue. Screen died Blackout forever

Every morning my alarm rings out loud. However its a blank black screen. Only the physical buttons work to turn off the alarm

I did a hard reset. Even flashed stock somehow and nothing worked. Such a sensitive screen

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