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The Makita Miter Saw model LS0815F is a compound slide miter saw with a direct drive 10.5 Amp motor with soft-start.

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192671-8 Part is not on diagram and I cant order it

This is a home depot rental tool that has extension rod holders part #192671-8. Can it be added. Thanks

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@maojaw I am old and confuse easily. So the saw is a rental and you do want the extension rod holder? You need to know if those holders fit the LS0815 saw? What confuses me is that you said that the tool already has the extension rod holders....



We got the tool with the extension holders and a customer broke one of them.

This is where I found the part # https://www.makitatools.com/products/det...

Our repair program uses Ifixit for most of our parts.


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Hi @maojaw ,

Is this what you need?

There are a few more suppliers online that have them, here’s another

Just search for Makita 192671-8 to get results

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