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Released in June 2016 with the internal code name of GP104-200-A1, the GTX 1070 features 7.2 billion transistors along with 8 GB of GDDR5 video memory.

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Thermal pad size For 1070 Fe

What are the sizes of the thermal pad needed for repaste for 1070 fe? Any links and measurement will help me alot. What's the best thermal compound for GPU.

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Hey there,

Do you need to replace them? Thermal pads don't age as quickly as thermal paste does. I'm just wondering if maybe you bought a stripped card and that is why you need it.

As far as measurements go I can't find much info around the actual thickness or size you need. You can find numerous tear downs on YouTube and they might have the info.

My preferred thermal paste is Arctic MX-5. Been using it for years.



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@mrjaigaming there used to be kit available and it had these

"Narrow" thermal pad for inductors: ~1.8mm x ~27mm x ~109mm

"Wide" thermal pad for rear-side of PCB: ~2mm x ~56mm x ~109mm

as part of it. Agree with the Arctic Thermal paste.

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