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never could past the usbmuxd step after ibec/ibss while try restore

hello everybody. here i have an iphone 7 that is not want to past the step while try to restoring a fresh os where it should load its progress bar right after bootrom ibss/ibec. usbmuxd seems not working (never did after many trys and searches) at windows (7/3utools) and even linux (ubuntu 20) i never got an working idevicerestore on it because at least the latest version available 1.0.0 is one step too low, on the other way it never seeing usbmuxd too because of wrong version and missing libimobiledevice-glue. who likes it to be my $@$* direction after 2 weeks of half nights spending trying and searching (im sure that most people many dislike to be anyones direction). did yet restoring unsuccesfully without front flex also without display and battery at least 5 mins pulled off. whats i dont see whole $@$* times?

Update (12/22/2021)

is there everybody with a solve??? people dont want to sit down through christmas now. i am planning to give up this i7 now and buy new one

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hello Michel,

I don't really understand what you would like to do - it looks like a motherboard problem but later you write about communication problems from various systems to the iPhone. The principle is simple: you run the boot loader that builds a file hierarchy, copies the system, and creates a security policy. At this stage, the software must have supported in the hardware. If something isn't working here, the problem could be with your hardware. This is not a PC where you can create virtual tools to overcome the problem.

my advice: rebuild the system again (can be a 3ut but I prefer a iTunes). Check the logs carefully and specify in space (also look at the% of progress) the problem or send it to me, I will help you read it. In such cases, we should sit down and consider where the error is or what we are missing out on.

  • regards, fingers crossing :-)

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