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Reparaturanleitungen und Hilfen für die 24 Zoll M1 iMacs von Apple, erschienen im April 2021.

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How to remove cap covers on hinge?


Just wondering if anyone has been able to remove the cap covers on the hinge, and what the process was like?

Thank you,


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Why are you trying to take them off?


I have a workstation that I was always able to hang older iMacs upside down from the upper shelf. I just realized that I do not have the ability to rotate the screen in system preferences like the Intel Macs. I figured if I could remove the stand and flip it around I could hang the iMac like my previous models. I've had it too long unfortunately to return for a VESA mount version.


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I’ll warn you even if you get the caps off you may not be able to rotate the stand around that way. Looking at X-Ray from the iMac M1 24" Teardown it looks like they are press-fitted and maybe even glued!

Block Image

You’ll need to be aggressive to get them out drilling is about the only way I can see as workable.

The better way would be to get to the screws from the inside removing the stand and then flipping it over

Block Image

I don’t see any indexing in the hinge part so that should work. At least you won’t mar up the hinge allowing you to flip it back to resell your system when you upgrade again ;-}

You might even be able to locate the VESA mount parts to switch it fully over.

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Awesome, thank you for that info. I really appreciate it. Looks like this is going to be the better method.


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These caps have one O-ring each. Slip a very thin piece of SS or metal foil in between the cap and the hole it is in. The cap will come out far enough to pry with a small screwdriver inserted into the O-ring groove. There are two bolts but that's as far as I got. My iMac sits on the kitchen counter and the cabinet skirt above, blocks the upper 1/4 of the screen. Thats why I need to lower it.

Can you help me? The bolt has two flats on it on opposite sides. This tells me that it can be held on these flats without damaging the threads, and then unscrewed? The nut which goes on this bolt is used to adjust the tension on the swivel of the hinge. These flats allow you to remove this bolt but I will have to make a tool to allow me to do this. Also what about the other bolt? It seems to be a bolt with a cone shaped head and a threaded hole. It this to screw in a pulling bolt?

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