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The Bed Head Wave Artist Deep Waver is a hair styling waving iron . It can be identified by its model number BH305C. The Deep Waver was released by its parent company, TIGI Professional.

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Bed waver wont wave my hair on high setting its brand new

I purchased this waver and it won't wave my hair even on high setting why

Update (12/26/2021)

My bed waver wont wave my hair why

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Hey there, I totally feel you! I've tried different hair styling tools, and some just don't seem to work for me.


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kathysangel2 since it is brand new, I would return it. Things like this do not get better with age and will eventually lead to complete failure. Return it.

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I purchased it last year and never used it because I waited till my hair got longer it's useless can you please recommend a better one that will work ,as I have spray on my hair and it won't wave so I'm looking for a reliable product what one would you recommend I think I got a dud


Thankyou will throw it in the bin


@angel560 don't bin it just yet. I was with the understanding that you had just purchased it since you mentioned it was brand new :-)

Exactly what does it do when you use it? Does it warm/heat up?


It heats up but won't wave my hair


I wonder if it gets a.hot enough or b. the plates do not close tight enough or c. your hair does not curl with this device. If you are using a regular stylist, take it with you and have them give it a try. See what they think the issue could be. They are the subject matter expert.


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