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The HP EliteOne 800 is HP's all-in-one desktop with a 23-inch diagonal screen.

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computer will not bootup - what is wrong?

I purchased the computer refurbished,.

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Car won't start, what's wrong????

Come on Alvin, if you have no concept of troubleshooting, take it to a service shop. There is nothing in your question to solicit any kind of answer but this.

You need to post everything that you see and have tried to get it to boot. Start with plugging it in.


@ruggb Lolz as a former IT Guy who supports end user's these are the kind of things I get ask everyday


@Trevor Phillips Yep, me to, however, when you can put your hands and eyes on it, it really doesn't matter what they tell you.


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Please tell us more about the problem. Any lights you see? Is the power plug in? Beeping noise?

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there are several reasons a computer wont boot . Lets start with power . Is it getting any ? does it post ? Do you here beeps when you start it or try to ? Do you here fans at all . If theres nothing at all it could be the power supply if it posts beeps you can tell if theres a problem by the beeps . They post in patterns 3long and a short or 3shorts or 2long and a single listen and tell us we can tell a lot from the beeps . If its actually running and the screen doesnt come on it could be a problem with the monitor . give us more information and we can better answer your question

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