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A Panasonic digital camera released in September 2013. The camera features 60x optical zoom and HD video and sound.

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Flash does not light up

I have a FZ72 (which is very similar to FZ70).

The flash does not work. If I open it, the camera recognises it and also preloads the flash. But if I press the button to take a photo, the picture is taken and no flash lights up.

I assume the cables could be broken, because for some time the flash only worked, if I pulled the case of it a bit backwards.

My question is, what is the tiny blue device behind the flashlight. Also there are 4 cables altogether. Which could be broken? Is it possible to fix it at all?

Block Image

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Hi @hilfs08,

Check the capacitor and the connections to the capacitor are OK. This component provides the power for the flash to operate.

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Unfortunately this did not help. The cables to the flash are covered on the flash-side by rubber, so you cannot measure anything. However I tried to discharge the capacitor and it recharged after turning on, but still no flash. :/

I assume the cable is broken somewhere, but since it is tightly attached to the light itself, I would have to find a new set somewhere...


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