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Aktualisierte Version des Retina MacBook 2015. Modell A1534, EMC 2991.

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MacBook 12" Logic board upgrade 2016 --> 2017

I've been given a Retina MacBook i7/16/512 laptop with a broken screen and keyboard (previous user had it docked permanently.

I'm curious if its a the 2016 -> 2017 logic boards are a direct swap as this could be an awesome upgrade to keep me going on a perfectly good 2016 chassis?

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The connectors and the connecting parts are the same between these two systems. So it does appear to be compatible. Given the costs I think you can find a used system for less than swapping out the logic board, besides availability of the part.

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Thanks Dan for the response. Considering its a free logicboard in a damaged macbook, I'm going to put it under the knife. I'll post back here once its done


@Tim W - Let us know how it goes!


@danj Update 1

Logic board replaced and working, however I believe I may have damaged the trackpad ribbon as its not detecting. I have ordered a new ribbon and currently using an external mouse.


@danj Replacement ribbon arrived and MB is 100% working. So confirmed 2016 M3 can be upgraded to a 2017 i7 logic board with no other modifications required. hope that helps anyone who gets a hold of a2017+ logic board for their 2016 macbook12inch. note 2015 chassis is not compatible with 2016 and up.


@Tim W - Great news!


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Thank you! May I ask, how is Bluetooth? As 2016 model has 4.0 while the 2017 has a 4.2. Does this mean that the 2017 LogicBoard has Bluetooth 4.0?

And have you been experiencing any issues since then?


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@ard20006 - The version of Bluetooth the given logic board has is the version you will have.

There is very little difference between 4.0 and 4.2


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