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Verkaufsstart Juni 2012, Model A1278. Intel Prozessor mit Turbo Boost

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Some times my screen is all wonky

Sometimes the screen show green or dims the screen for no reason or even flashes for no reason not if its just right it does none of this

UPDATE 1/23/2022

It seems to be the motherboard :C

UPDATE 1/29/2022

Nvm i fixed it the LVS cable latch wasn’t latched on the the board,
so it was kinda falling out


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Did you inspect both LVDS cable connections for corrosion?

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@danj not yet ill check that soon,

Ill get back to u with that



so now some thing bad happened,

So the screen was going green, black(with the screen backlight) normal for 1 sec

Weird smell from near the connector for the screen and a very weak sound,

Shut it down of course,

Can this have anything to do with me breaking one of the wi-fi antennas (on the part that goes on one of the connectors on the wi-fi board)


THE ONLY GOOD THING is that i fixed up my 4.1 mac pro (JK its a 5.1 now >:D)

and got MacOS high sierra on its SSD


@beanman56 Need to check that cable and the connectors for corrosion!


alright :C i wish it was not this way


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