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Released on July 24, 2019, The third generation Amazon Kindle Oasis features a 7-inch, 300ppi E Ink display, adjustable warm light, one-handed design, waterproofing, aluminum exterior, Bluetooth support and Micro USB for charging. This e-reader comes in two colors: Graphite or Champagne Gold.

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Can a cracked screen be replaced on a kindle oasis?

Can a cracked screen be replaced on a kindle oasis? The kindle is working, text can be read pages turn etc., but the screen is cracked. Amazon would fix it if still in warranty but as it’s out of warranty they refuse and expect to buy new instead.

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Hi @jacqui1234,

What is the model number of the tablet? (usually found on the back cover of the tablet)


Hi @jayeff

Model number: S8IN4O

10th generation according to Amazon registration.


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Hi @jacqui1234

It may possibly be repaired but the problem is in finding the replacement parts.

I couldn't find any replacement parts at all for a Kindle S8IN40 (aka Kindle Oasis 3, Kindle Oasis 10th gen, Kindle Oasis (2019).

Also the only repair guide that I could find (and a failed one at that) was for a Oasis 9th Gen. This model certainly looks like that it wasn’t meant to be repaired.

Kindles are difficult with parts because each new model differs slightly from the previous, so parts aren’t readily interchangeable, between same series models or even different series e.g. Oasis, Paperwhite, Fire etc. That is why the model number is important and not just the model name as even “generations” can be confusing as to which one it exactly is.

Hopefully someone else may provide a better answer.

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Thanks @jayeff, I really appreciate you looking into this. So frustrating that they’ve made this a disposable item.


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