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Electric Kettle safety microswitch

Many kettles have a microswitch which needs to be depressed by the kettle being in place before the element gets power. (This is true for many makes). Often we get broken microswitches and they seem to be embedded in the mechanical trip/on/off switch in the base of the kettle - no chance of fixing the microswitch and apparently no way of obtaining a replacement mechanism. Do other repairers have the same problem?

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Hi @nhcw62 ,

Yes. I think that planned obsolescence is the business model of the manufacturer. Maximizes profits by producing low cost products and not having to keep a spare parts inventory or a service repair section

With some brands sometimes you may be able to source replacement parts, except usually the element when it is encased in the body of the kettle. Search online for (insert make and model number) parts. You can be lucky sometimes

Another option is to source used ones on Ebay, Gumtree, rubbish tip recycling shops etc where hopefully the same problem hasn’t occurred to the product. Depends on the condition, price and how desperately you want to fix it.

Just my view.

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