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A 17 inch laptop equipped with an Intel Core i7 CPU.

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Do all the Ideapads use the same MB?

So the motherboard on my Lenovo IdeaPad 330-17IKB needs to be replaced and I'm not sure if it uses the same MB as the smaller screen laptops and if so could I still use an Intel I7 processor or is the MB locked to a processor?

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@fennec58 download the maintenance manual for your Lenovo from here

The motherboard choices for your laptop while maintaining the I7 processor would be

MBL81DC I77500U UMA D4G WIN part number 5B20R16689

MBL81DC I77500U UMA D4GOPT WIN part number 5B20R16680

MBL81DC I77500U X110V2GNR WIN part number 5B20R16681

MBL81DC I77500U X130V2GNR WIN part number 5B20R16621

MBL81DC I77500U X110 V2GD4G WIN part number 5B20R16638

MBL81DC I77500U X130 V2GD4G WIN part number 5B20R16613

MBL81DC I77500U X110V2GNROPT WIN part number 5B20R16683

MBL81DC I77500U X130V2GNROPT WIN part number 5B20R16603

MBL81DC I77500U X110V2GD4GOPT WIN part number 5B20R16532

MBL81DC I77500U X130V2GD4GOPT WIN part number 5B20R16684

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