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The Honda Element was a compact crossover SUV based on a modified CR-V platform, manufactured in East Liberty, Ohio and offered in front-wheel and all-wheel drive formats

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Honda Element 2006 O2 SENSORS

I have a 2006 Honda Element. Last year, check engine light test showed bad O2 sensor(s). I ordered parts and replaced. About 6 months later, check engine light - again, refers to O2 sensor. So I asked a mechanic about it - why are they going bad??

He said that 99% of the time, Honda Element owners are sold the wrong sensors. I cannot recall which one of the two, but he said one of them is usually wrong! I am wondering if this is accurate and I installed the wrong one - guy said this happens a lot??

He said the one that is usually wrong (I am thinking the downstream, but not certain) - costs about $100 more than the one that people are typically sold.

This mechanic has moved and I just want to make sure I order the correct sensors!!! Apparently - when you enter correct info about your Honda - one of the sensors is most often wrong. Can anyone help?? :))))))

Thank you in advance, Jenni

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@fireonthewtr it’s your upstream O2 Sensor that is almost double the cost of your downstream sensor in the aftermarket world. Amazingly enough you check places like Hondaparts.com and they are selling the identical sensor for upstream and downstream. Go aftermarket to be sure. I’d use Autozone, O’Reilly or Rockauto for a decent selection of parts to a decent price.

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