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iPhone stuck on red battery screen

my phone was on about 14% when i went to go look for my charger and when i tried to plug it in it died and i left it on the charger and the apple logo just kept popping up and then when i would unplug it my phone would show the red battery screen so i plugged it back in for the rest of the night and the red battery screen still came on so i unplugged it and plugged it back in and now its stuck on the apple logo i dont know what to do i need to get my phone to turn back on im about to try the infamous hairdryer trick and then after that im giving up :l. Im just confused and aggravted

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At some point. Try holding down both Power and ... oh. There is no home button.

You might be able to walk away with a simple force restart.

"To do that, press the Volume Up button, then quickly press the Volume Down button and then press and hold the Side button till the iPhone reboots"

Check your cable. Make sure all the golden fingers are .. well, golden and intact. If not, plug in with the damaged side up (on the same side of the screen.

Make sure the cable is good and the charger is working.


@cdr_xavier my volume buttons dont work because everytime i have tried to do a force restart nothing happens the apple logo just keeps turning on and off and then the red battery logo pops up so i dont know but thank you so much for the feedback!!



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You need to confirm that your phone is actually attempting to charge the battery—-to do that, use a usb ammeter. This tool will tell you if the phone is consuming charging current (and therefore charging) or not—then you have something you can troubleshoot. The *most common* reason an iPhone X is not charging is lint in the charge port—clean out with a toothpick. The *most common* reason an iPhone X is showing the Apple logo loop is a drop of water under the flood illuminator which is attached to the ear speaker assembly at the top of the screen (there’s a long flex from the top of the screen to the motherboard). You can disconnect that part and see if the phone will boot without it. Follow an iFixit guide for disassembling the phone—it is easy to damage the screen when removing if you haven’t done it before. Good luck!

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Your battery could need replacing. How long has it been off the charger? I’d try wireless charging before you try a hairdryer. Worse case scenario, you can buy a battery replacement kit here: iPhone X Battery

Comes with everything you could need to fix it the right way.

iPhone X Battery Bild


iPhone X Battery


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I'm not sure a 5 year old battery is considered "bad". I remember my mother's iPhone 5 is still running last year.

And it should still turn on since it's plugged in?

Anyhow. Maybe that's that.


I also have this problem. My iPhone 8+ fell yesterday and cracked. Then the phone refuse to switch on. When I plug a charger it get stuck in the red battery logo. It refuse to change from the logo. I've tried everything; the heating and I tried to quick reset it. Nothing works.

What do I have to do?? I plan on changing the battery and refixing a new screen. Will that help?? Pls I need urgent answers

My phone is my life😓😓💔


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