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Repair guides and support for Kenmore washing machines.

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Washer not spinning or agitating

My washer is not spinning or agitating, but does drain and makes noise while on the spin cycle. I took off the motor to replace the coupler and the coupler seems fine already. The basket spins freely by hand as does the imput to the transmission. Spinning the transmission imput does not spin the basket.

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What is the model number of the washer?


Well I don't think I can find an actual model number. It's a 600 series top load. Lid has a number sm9711916, and the back of the washer on the control panel is w10025450. Those are the only numbers I see inside or out.


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Sounds as though there’s a problem with the agitator dogs. Not sure if they’re for your model but they will be similar

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