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Sony CFD-S05 CD Radio Cassette Player was released in 2010, and has the CD-R/RW playback function.

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Radio runs on 9vdc...wondering if I power with 12vdc is 3vdc extra

This radio runs on 9vdc. Would like to power with 12vdc in my rig by adding a jack to this unit. I went ahead and tested (hooked up) 12vdc to battery terminals and unit works….but for how long?? Do I need to limit current and voltage with a resistor or?? Thanks in advance.

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I wouldn’t run it on 12v, either. What you need is voltage conversion. A series resistor will only work for a given current, and the current drain of the device could be variable.

You can install a buck converter, available at amazon among other places. In that case, you’ll want to know the standby current if you wire to your non-switched 12v (i.e., not switched off by ignition key) to avoid a battery drain while you’re parked — or wire it into a cigarette lighter plug. You could use a USB to 9v converter, except that your power requirement is too high. I’ve seen cigarette lighter buck converters in the past, but I’m not finding them now.

In every case, you need to be sure the converter will supply the current you need. The radio requires 14 Watts, so a bit above 1.5 amps. Your converter needs to provide 15 watts or ~1.6A continuously.

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@digitaltripper I definitely would. You are using 30% more power than your unit is rated. Not a good tolerance for a long time.

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@digitaltripper @oldturkey03 You could fry your circuitry. Definitly use a resistor.


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