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The HP Envy 5660 e-all-in-one printer is meant to print, scan, and copy including features such as wireless printing and a color touchscreen. Model number: F8B04A

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Can I edit a scanned page

I recently scanned some pages into my iMac-

I would like to go back and do some editing but it isn’t letting me… I thought that was one of the advantages of scanning

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What are you tying to edit? Is it a photo, a drawing , text or a combination of both?

If it is a photo any photo editing software will work.

If a drawing a paint program.

If it is text you need to scan with OCR or Optical Character Recognition sofware to convert the “image” into a text document.

For a combination of both you will possibly need all of the above.

Look around there are good sources of Mac OS free software. The installation disk for your all-in-one printer may have some examples.

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