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Where To Find/Fix Ray Ban Parts?

Hey i’m looking to find a place where I can buy Ray Ban screws, and Ray Ban nose pads that have came off my sunglasses. I damaged them a while ago, and thinking about saving some money to fix them instead of buying a new pair. Anyone have any thoughts for ray ban repair parts or somewhere that sells them with a guide or some sort that would help?

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Thank you. Just placed an order. You saved me lots of money by not having to buy new sunglasses


What model of Ray Ban sunglasses do you have?


Ray Ban RB 2140 is the model number I believe


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I've bought some screws for my clubmasters from glassestools, both lens and hinge ray ban screws. I’d assume they have your model since the wayfarers are really popular. Just go to their site and type in your model number and you should be able to find ray ban nose pads, and the ray ban screw that you need

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Are you looking for genuine parts or are you no too bothered


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