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This rolling luggage combines rugged, waterproof construction with all the organizational details you need to hit the road for an extended trip.

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Replace wheel on Patagonia wheeled duffel

The wheel has come off on my Patagonia 120L wheeled Black Hole duffle. I can’t the threaded bolt to catch. How do I get the bolt fixed to keep the wheel on?

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Hi Stuart,

I'm not sure if you fixed that wheel, it looks like you are missing the nut that the bolt would screw into inside the wheel housing. It should be on the inside compartment.

Block Image

. To access the compartment, unzip your bag through the main compartment, then unzip the inside liner to access the inside handle and wheel compartment.

I have attached an image that I hope helps. The nut that came off could still be inside your bag. Otherwise take your bolt to a hardware store and find a replacement nut.

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That's the tip that I needed! Many thanks!


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