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Repair information for the Samsung RSG257AA, a 2008 side-by-side refrigerator with ice through the door and automatic defrosting capabilities. This page covers information for model numbers matching the pattern RSG257AA**.

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Samsung RSG257AARS Ice Maker not dumping ice.

I have a Samsung RSG257AARS with the built-in ice maker. The ice maker tray fills with water and freezes. Once frozen, the ice is supposed to be dumped into the ice bin. Instead, the rotating arm turns to touch the ice, but doesn’t push the ice out of the tray like it used to. Pressing the reset button does not fix the issue. Took out the ice maker the thaw the unit, reinstalled the maker, still doesn’t work. Unplugged the fridge for 20 minutes, didnt fix the issue. Suggestions?

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Here’s the troubleshooting flowchart from the refrigerator’s service manual for ice dispensing troubles that may help in finding out what the problem is.

Here’s a link to a parts supplier that may also help as it gives a rough idea of where all the parts are located and their possible cost, if one is faulty and needs to be replaced. Search online using the manufacturer’s part number for the part to find other suppliers that may suit you better

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The water supply line is not bent, the water dispenser works like it should. The rotating arm that extracts the ice cubes from the tray rotates until in comes in contact with the ice cubes. It’s as if the ice is frozen and stuck in the tray. If I manually remove the ice, the ice tray fills with water again, the rotating arm moves to the correct position, and the issue repeats itself once the ice needs to be extracted from the ice tray.


@Tim Willmore

According to the flowchart there are 5 things to check if the answer to the question in the box "Ice is in the ice bucket" is Yes i.e. ice switches, door switches, auger motor, wire connections and the ice cover.

You may have to check all to make sure that they're functioning.

It may be that there isn't enough voltage to power the auger motor to cut through the ice or that the auger motor is faulty for example


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Ice makers may have an embedded heater in the ice tray that operates when the temperature sensor senses ice is ready. The motorized scoop only needs enough power to gently move frozen ice crescents out to fall into the tray. This presumes the heater warmed up the tray for ice removal. You’ll need to study the wiring diagram to verify if a heater is used. If a heater is used, you can check for continuity or resistance as an open heater circuit isn’t repairable and the whole assembly will need to be replaced.

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