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Repair information for pogo sticks.

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What can replace the bottom that hits the pavement when u jump?

A very old pogo stick needs the rubber on the bottom replaced and also the foot pads. What can I use to fix this? Also, should it be oiled? Thank You!

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The pogo stick was manufactured by the Hungerford company that was in Rockaway NJ. It has a US patent # 2.518.986 and it also shows "5/8 model" I am looking for a replacement tip and foot pads.


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leslie laemmli check on here these might not be exactly for your pogo stick, but you might modify those to fit your Pogo stick. Also check on here. If you can, let us know what brand you have. As for lubrication, some have some oiling points on the tube in which the spring sits. they may be covered by some plastic tabs. Another great site about the Pogo Sticks is right here Hope this helps, good luck and let us know.

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I am looking the rubber foot rests and the rubber base for Rapco pogo stick. Can you help?


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I would use duct tape. Yeah it probably should be oiled, but only on the moving parts where friction is created.

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