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Repair and troubleshooting guides for the Samsung 34 inch curved screen desktop monitor with model number S34E790C.

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The monitor no longer turns on

A few months ago, my monitor would turn off randomly. I would simply replug the power cable from the outlet and the screen would turn on after a few seconds. Over the months, the screen would turn off more frequently and plugging and unplugging them monitor wouldn’t always work. I even connected the monitor to a seperate switch board that I could turn on and off with my foot to make the prcoess much quicker. Some days it would take longer and longer to power on but after power resetting it enough times it would stay on for prolonged periods. Now, my monitor won’t turn on.

I’m worried that the constant disconnecting from power may have fried something in the monitor but i’ve ordered a new power supply and cables to see if that’s the problem.

There are no Samsung repair stores in my state and there aren’t any monitor specific repair stores here either. If anyone has had similar experiences with any monitors or even other electronic appliances, i’m willing to try anything at this point.

Thank you!

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my first thought is maybe bad capacitor/s on the powerboard.

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did new power supply resolved the issue?

i have same model, same issue as well.........

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