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Reparaturanleitungen und Hilfen für die 24 Zoll M1 iMacs von Apple, erschienen im April 2021.

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Is it possible to add another fan to the iMac M1 model with just one?

My M1 iMac has just one fan and I'd like to add another fan to it. It goes on a lot and the right side of the iMac overheats a lot, despite the marketing where it doesn't at all. I don't really use intel apps. According to macs fan control (universal; intel and m1), my CPU (both performance and efficiency), and SSD (at 4% of lifespan; bought this in July 2021) take up much of the heat. Is there a way to add an extra fan to this iMac in a DIY fashion? If so, how?

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Apple produced two versions of this system the low end model which only has one fan and the higher end model with two. The logic boards are very different so you can't add the missing fan.

At this point it sounds like your use pattern requires more cooling if you got the single fan model. The only answer I can offer you is to see if you can swap it out with the higher end model if you still can (talk with the seller) otherwise you'll need to sell yours and then get another one this time the higher end model.

Update (03/15/2022)

@ebp049x - Maybe a picture will help you, here’s the single fan heat sink

Block Image

There is no benefit blowing air into your system, there is no heat transfer possibility on the other side with the single fan version of the system.

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But can't you take it apart? I seem to see a slot for another fan in photos.


@ebp049x - I didn't say you can't take the system apart. What I said was there's nothing to connect the second fan to,

The single fan models heat sink is different. So while you can see the void for the fan it doesn't offer any means to connect the fan and the logic boards are different!

I would hate to see you damage your system trying to alter it. And even if you physically put the fan in it will only sit there offering no cooling benefit.


@danj is there some way i could direct air into the area externally? if no, could you have a sort of remote-controlled radio fan that has a long-living battery (think AirTag battery) in it?


@ebp049x - Well I guess you'll need to just open the system to see for your self. I've told you what I can but if you are so fixated I guess you'll need to risk damaging your system to see there is no internal solution here.

To be clear if you can, return your system and get the two fan model that is if you have a single fan model, you'll still need to pay the difference but it would be cheaper than breaking your system and having to buy a new system to replace it.

I'm sure you could even find someone who would buy your system at the same cost you paid for it if you couldn't swap it out with the better model.


I mean, could you manually put compressed air into the area? Or even better, have a machine deliver compressed air from outside to power a "useless" fan in the area where it should be? Would that not risk damage?


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