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Repair and additional information for the Samsung RS25H5111 refrigerator—a 2014 side-mounted freezer refrigerator with automatic ice maker, and built-in, compact features. This page covers information for model numbers matching the pattern RS25H5111**.

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RS25H5111BC temperature display incorrect

Temperature is set to 0 & 37. Every day or two, both sides will get warmer than that even though the display reads 0 & 37. I am able to have it function properly by removing power, restore power then reset the unit by pressing and holding fridge and freezer buttons. Compressors and fans will kick on and unit will be at proper temperature within 1 hour. After reset, the ‘true’ temperature will be displayed on the door display. Depending on how long the unit has be at fault, the displayed temperature will show 40 & 60 which is correct and verified by a thermometer. However, after a day or so passes, the both sides will be warm again.

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I came to this for looking for honest advice based on others experience. I went out on a limb and purchased Samsung DA92-00624A from Amazon for $100. That did the trick and the fridge and freezer works as expected.

Link to the product I purchased


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Apologies, I've been away for a few months. When resetting the unit causes it to read the correct temp and to run, then yes, the controller is faulty and needs replaced. Glad you got it fixed.


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