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Etam Serie der Marke DeLonghi. Die genaue Typenbezeichnung befindet sich auf der Unterseite.

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De Longhi ETAM29.660.SB grinder broken

The ETAM29 is a bean to cup machine. Instead of grinding the machine makes a ratcheting sound and displays a message saying fill beans container (already full.) Bought in 2019 so about a year out of guarantee. Any ideas?

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Have you taken apart the machine yet?


No. I don't have a service manual


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No need for a service manual. There is e.g. a video (in german, but it´s very clear). Opening here, first steps. DeLonghi ETAM Serie oberen Brühkolben tauschen(also in german). Replacing the grinder is rather easy.

Update (30.03.2022)

And this video for your model.

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Thank you but unfortunately I have already sent the machine back to De Longhi for repair. At least, however, I will know what to do if I don’t like their quote. It does look pretty easy.


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I have worked in the Delonghi company for over two years. I was in sales so have an idea about it. The company gives a warranty on products between one year to 5 years. It totally depends upon the distributor and model to model. Right now what is the procedure for selling and warranty have no idea about it.

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