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8th generation of Chevrolet's full sized SUV, based on the GM GT400 platform.

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Break lights won’t work

So I just got a 98 suburban and my brake lights do not work I replace the brake switch replaced the tail light assembly I have blinkers I have running lights and I have reverse lights.. the only thing I know from what I looked up is the location for the break lamp relay is not there ( no prongs to plug into) truck looks like it has been worked on by a back yard mechanic unfortunately.

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Josh Murdick Check for power on the switch (orange wire should have power). There should be a connector under the dash above the steering column (`6-8 wire connector). Check to make sure that it is not corroded and that all the wires are still properly connected. Of course, you did check all the fuses as well as the bulbs to make sure they are of the right type….

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