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The Logitech Performance MX Mouse is a premiere mouse from Logitech with darkfield tracking technology and a free-spinning scroll wheel. Released in 2009. Model number: 910-001105.

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What can cause an erratic tracking problem?

My mouse pointer doesn’t track across a document or any file on the screen evenly, The mouse mat(s) have not changed but the problem is getting progressively worse. I changed the battery. I have tried cleaning the laser port cover on the mouse but it didn’t make any difference. I have two of these mice and they both have the same problem. They need repairing, can you tell me if this is possible, please? They are 9 years old and were quite expensive, about £50 each, I wonder if spare parts would still be available.

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If it’s a hard mouse pad, it could be the mousepad is worn and too glossy for it to work well. Try it on a sheet of paper, and if it’s still doing it, it could be the laser is losing power or the battery may be getting too weak to power the laser.

The Laser bounces off the surface and goes into a receiver which is beside it, so make sure it’s clean too.

There are several manuals for tearing down the mouse too that should help.

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