Repair guides and teardowns for many Samsung older cell phones. This category is for phones not using an Android or Windows operating system.

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Replace broken charger port on Samsung Flight?

I have a Samsung Flight from AT&T (model SGH-A797). It will no longer charge b/c the charger won't fit tightly into the port. I know it's the port b/c I tried another charger & have the same problem. At first if I pressed in the charger hard enough & held it (or wedged it) at a certain angle it would charge a little bit. Now, it won't charge at all. I can't afford to have the port replaced ($70+ if Samsung does it). Is there any way I can fix it myself? I don't even need the phone charged if I can retrieve the info off the "brains" of the computer so I can re-enter it into my new phone. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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you should be able to put a (borrowed) charged battery in and then sync/bluetooth/wifi with your computer to retrieve information or you could save contacts etc to SIM. I'd try your local phone repair shop and see how much he will do the job it's a whole lot less than $70! Take a look on ebay and see if you can find the port on it's own, take it to the local repair shop and he may just solder the new one on...or you could do it yourself??

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Thx! I don't know why I didn't think of the charged battery thing myself. That's what I'm gonna do.


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