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Repair guides and troubleshooting for the Dell Inspiron 15 inch laptop computer with model number 3559.

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Pls help me I need to fix my dead microphone (i think)

this is my laptop (dell insprion 15 3559) , i bought it like from 2016-2017 (like 5-6 years ago)
yesterday the microphone still compeletely fine but this morning i wake up for online class and when my teacher call me i cant answer any question ,it doesnt show any sign that there is a(n) small output
I did all way to fix (in term of technology) it but it didnt work
so can someone help me fix it pls

i dont want to get 0 on my test

Edit1:btw i tested the mic (still work but i cant help any “human-made” sound like clicking and saying)

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Since we don’t know what “I did all way to fix (in term of technology) it but it didnt work…..” entails, did you check if the microphone is being detected when plugged in or are you using the inbuilt microphone?

I’m not sure with your model whether it has an inbuilt microphone up near the webcam or whether you have to plug one into the combo jack on the laptop

Go to Control panel > Sounds > Recording. To get to Control panel in Win 10, type control panel in the Windows search box on the desktop and click on the Control Panel app that appears.

When in Sound - Recording if it shows that the microphone is detected, click on the entry - Properties and check in Device Usage that it shows use this device (enabled)

If it’s not being detected, check that the Sound Controller in Device Manager is working OK. To get to Device Manager in Win 10, press the Win key + x key (both together) and click on the Device Manager link.

When in Device Manager scroll down and click on the > symbol to the left of the Sound, video and Game controllers category to expand the list and the right click on the Realtek HD audio entry - Properties - General tab - Device status and check if it shows “This device is working properly”.

If it does and the microphone is not being detected (or even if it is, but there is no audio connection from the mic) if you have to plug in the microphone, you may have a faulty I/O board (supplier example only), or the board may have a loose cable connection.

Here’s the owner manual for the laptop taken from this support webpage. Go to p.52 to view the necessary pre-requisite steps and then the procedure to remove/replace the board.

There are other suppliers online that may suit you better. Just search for 2WMGK 02WMGK LS-DO71P to get results

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helo, im the one that make thí question, so i DID ALL what u say before u tell me but turn out it didnt work (its built-in btw)

i just install dell support assist and check my microphone, turn out its recording my laptop fan :)

i tried to makesome sound but no hope

still that fan noise


btw im a teenager like to destroy things (not destroy the microphone)

well there is a problem that i have ne ver do this before (i mean remove & replacing)




If the inbuilt mic is faulty then go to p.84 of the owner manual linked above and see how to remove the webcam.

The mic is mounted on the webcam board.

I can't find a part number for the webcam board so hopefully it may be printed on it as I don't think that the mic is available as a separate part.

Also when accessing the webcam, you can check if the cable connections are secure or not, although if Device Manager shows that the mic is detected they should be.


thx for that comment but now my miwc is alive again (i just do a reset)

i think i just delete some file while cleaning the temmporary folder and file

that important in "recording function"


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