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This 2012 K410 model of the Lenovo K Series desktop features a three speed power control switch and a 3rd generation Intel Core processor. Its high preformance graphics capabilities make it an excellent choice for gaming.

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Facebook pictures are moving

For the past 6 months, every time I post a picture on Facebook, the picture moves. How do I get the picture to stop moving? I am using my Iphone to transfer pictures to my desk top. Please help, I can’t find an answer anywhere.

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this is a feature of your smartphone, depending on the model there are different settings that let you control how your pictures are uploaded.

For example, with the camera app open on an Android device, when in Photo mode the options are displayed across the top banner, you want to turn off “motion photo”


This article describes turning the feature on. you can just do the opposite to turn it off.

Update (03/20/2022)

for Iphone, this article describes enabling motion photos,

again do the opposite to turn it off


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i jsut realised you wanted this for Iphone,

let me see what i can find.


Thank you SO SO much, you are totally correct. Thank you


i dont suppose you can accept my answer as the solution please?



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