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Released in 2012, identified by model number XE550C22.

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Broken Charger port/not charging

Alright so! I don't know if the model I put for my laptop is right I just know it's a Samsung Chromebook and it's old that's it! It just randomly stopped charging, would I have to replace the charging port as a whole or can I mess around with some $@$* and fix it that way????

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Hi @stinkyass ,

What is the model number of the laptop as as shown on the information label on the bottom of the laptop?

Have you verified that it is the charge port that is the problem and that it is not a fractured wire in the charging adapter lead or plug? Connect a Voltmeter to the adapter plug and check for 19V DC and that it remains steady when moving the cord at the adapter end and the plug end.

Use a voltmeter to check if there is steady voltage on the red/black wires on the output side of the DC-In jack (if applicable).

If the DC-In jack is faulty then it will have to be replaced as it cannot be repaired.

If your model is a Samsung Chromebook XE550C22, you are fortunate that the DC-In jack (supplier example only) is an easily replaceable part and is not soldered to the motherboard.

If you have a different model then search online for Samsung Chromebook (insert model number) DC-In jack to find suppliers and also to know if it plugs in to the motherboard or needs to be soldered in.

Here are the ifixit Samsung Chromebook XE550C22 Repair guides that will help to gain access to the DC-In jack so that it can be checked and/or replaced.

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