Storage expansion adapter but with M.2 from a series X

So, I'm sure this is gonna be a doozy since the systems are still somewhat new and the idea of an adapter for their expansion slots is even newer. To make a long story short, we had a series X get completely destroyed, being a bit of a tech guy I opened it up to see what could be salvaged and just to poke around in an expensive device. I salvaged the M.2 storage module since it was completely untouched and thought maybe I could use it in a future PC build and just reformat it, if possible. Then I discovered people had begun selling adapters to put the same size of M.2 into these systems without paying microsoft's exorbitant prices and here I am. I ordered one, put the card in it, made sure everything was set up right and the system makes no acknowledgement of it's existence. The card still gets quite warm as if it is reading but the system, again, makes no ackowledgement of it. Confused, hoping someone has any insight on the issue.

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