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Repair guides and support for label makers manufactured by Dymo.

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Dymo MobileLabeller chews every cartridge

Today I tried to use my Dymo ML 193C to print with a genuine Dymo nylon cartridge. Instead of the label coming out of the end, it got drawn up into the feeder roller and wound round and round. After multiple retries, repairing the cartridge multiple times and trying another cartridge with the standard tape, I’m finding the same thing happens every time now. I did find a little sticky-backed foam strip, which I guess came off the machine during the first incident, but it’s not clear where it goes or how this could make the difference.

Here’s a picture from immediately after a jam, with the foam strip included above the “D1”.

Block Image

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After an unbelievable amount of burned time untangling and rebuilding cartridges, I figured out the the cutting blade mechanism was out-of-sync with the electronics. Maybe it had jumped a tooth at some point. By unplugging power and removing the battery then restoring the battery, I was able to provoke it to re-home on power-up. The blade and the black clamp foot moved back and tape could again flow freely!

In the mobile app (but not on the desktop version), there is a function to reveal the blade for cleaning purposes. My big break came when I noticed that the commands seemed to have the opposite effect to their labels on the UI.

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I'll add: To remove the bit of ribbon that is stuck wound around the grey spool, it is not sticky, so you just need to cut it off from the cartridge and use a toothpick to unravel the ribbon.

This was not immediately obvious to me and pulling on the ribbon did nothing for me. (I realize this isn't quite the question being asked here and OP probably already figured this out, but this page was the closest I could find anywhere to finding instructions for removing the stuck ribbon, so others with the same question might also end up here)

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