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HDMI port : solder does not melt!

Hello, I specify that I am a beginner in micro-welding.

However, am I the only one with so many problems that prevent me from repairing?

I am currently working on a PS5 motherboard, the problem is that the soldering of the HDMI port is bad (so to redo). I try to desolder the port with a hot air station, but the solder flatly refuses to melt! I tried with several temperatures ranging from 300°C to 450°C, without forgetting to preheat the card. I thought for a long time that the problem was my flux, but... no.

It seems that the alloy that attaches the HDMI port to the motherboard is not tin, otherwise it will melt more easily! In that case, what is it?

I also tested on a PS4 HDMI port: nothing to do, the solder does not melt.

I've tried hot air soldering with a PC motherboard, and everything works fine, which shows that it's not my soldering hardware that's having problems.

Is there something I don't know or am I just being stupid?

Thanks a lot for any help,

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Sorry for the lateness of my response.

The problem is now solved. It was only a temperature problem, I thought that a hot air temperature around 300°C~350°C would be enough, it seems not. I used tape kapton to insulate the sensitive components near the HDMI port, and then from there I set the temperature to full, 450°C. The HDMI port unsoldered magically.

I inquired, why should the temperature be set so high to unsolder the HDMI port? The answer I found is because when doing any soldering/desoldering, whether with a soldering iron or a hot air station, the heat from the solder travels to the rest of the motherboard and to the trails around. Here, the metal part of the hdmi port is connected to the ground, which is almost present on the entire motherboard, so the heat applied to the HDMI port is very easily evacuated, and you have to send a lot of heat to melt the welds. We can say that the ground is like a big heat sink.

Finally, I will have made a huge topic for a problem as small as it is.

Thank you HelloMacOS for your help.

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There is nothing worse that solder not melting!

Have you tried adding more solder to the end of your tip and to the connector

Also can I point out if you are removing a hdmi port you need to use a hot air rework station as it will melt all of the solder and the leg pins solder!

If you still having the issue give me a shout and il show you some other techniques:)


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Hi @hellomacos,

Thanks for your help !

Yes, i tried to add more tin on my solder tip and on the connector, without result... It's probably due to my bad soldering iron technique, because the tin seems to have trouble sticking to the connector solder.

Also can I point out if you are removing a hdmi port you need to use a hot air rework station as it will melt all of the solder and the leg pins solder!

That's what I'm desperately trying to do, to melt the solder with my hot air station... I am aware that it is also necessary to heat the solder leg pins, no worry.

Do you know what alloy is used for PS5 solders? Maybe that can help me.

If you still having the issue give me a shout and il show you some other techniques:)

I take it with great pleasure!

Thanks again for your help,



I believe the alloy that the pa5 uses is just like any other lead free solder

You can get this stuff called chip quick whith is solder with a really low mealting point

Just out of interest with you hot air rework station ,are you using the correct end

If you use one that is too small the heat will be to concentrated and if you use one too big you wont have it concentrated enough

I would try and use different ones and see whitch one works

If you are still having issues please let me know



@hellomacos Definitely...

I think the problem must be mine then.

I'll do some more testing when I get the chance, I'll let you know.

Thank you very much for your help.


Flux lots of it


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