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Repair guides and support for desktop PCs manufactured by Lenovo.

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lenovo legion t5 rarely blue screens with kmode_exception_not_handled

hi, i’m a owner of a Lenovo legion t5 26amr5 and I get a blue screen saying kmode_exception_not_handled I’ve searched on google that it means that I have corrupted drivers and have to fix them, however, I don’t know what drivers are corrupted and how to fix them, I tried using driverpack, however, it just gave me some bloatware and I successfully uninstalled it, windows device manager just says my drivers are up to date check the image I pasted from bluescreenview for info, and also it mostly happens in about 2-6 hours with my Bluetooth headphones connected

Block Image

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Hi @sploo ,

Just confirming that Win 11 is installed?

Some things to try and check:

Try running the PC in safe mode and check if the problem occurs. If it doesn’t it may be a startup program that is the cause or a specific hardware driver.

Have you got a 3rd party A/V (anti virus) program installed? If so try disabling it and check if the problem occurs. Be careful when you do this and if you go online as there is no A/V protection

Check that the latest BIOS version O4MKT26A is installed.

Check that the memory is OK by running the Windows memory diagnostics.

If you updated to Win 11 from Win 10 check that the latest video drivers (Ver. 30.0.13002.23) are installed. Click on operating Systems and select Win 11 64-bit to get the latest drivers if yours aren’t this version.

Check for any Windows updates that occurred around the time the problem first started and uninstall them (one at a time) and check if the problem is still there or not. Go to Settings > Windows Update > Update History.

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hi thanks for the response, yes i do run windows 11 and i did check my bios version and ran a memory check, and disabled malwarebytes, however while i was writing this, my computer got bluescreened again, ive did disabled some startup programs but it still didnt work, ive checked for driver updates on the offical lenovo website and they told me all drivers are up to date, this time the error was caused by ksecdd.sys, and not ntoskrnl.exe



Did you check if it failed in safe mode?

Check if the system files are OK.

Open a Command window(type cmd in the Windows search box and click on the Command app), click on Run as Administrator and then type sfc /scannow and press Enter in the Command window and check.

Yes there is a space between sfc and the / symbol


@jayeff hi, ive checked it in safe mode and ran the sfc command and no integrity issues were found, I'm still unsure if the problem is solved, ill keep you up to date for any problems


the errors mostly stopped and i havent seen any bsod for months, i think it got resolved, anyways thanks for the help!


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