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Repair information for the SteelSeries Arctis Pro wireless headphones. Released in March of 2018. Model number: 61743.

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Can you replace the interface between the hinge and the earcup?

I have looked around the internet and people have been having the same issues I am running into right now basically as long as the product has been on the market. I am guessing those who don't have issues are people with smaller heads that don't end up stretching the headphones. The mechanical design is crap because of the hinge putting unnecessary pressure where the metal meets the plastic and just about every unit will develop cracks and eventually fracture open (mine did this week).

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you can but its hard and time consuming so i rather buy a new one


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it can be replaced but its a pain.

id recommend when you take them off grabbing the metal headband instead of the earmuff itself. i did that for close to 2 years before i replaced them with a set of Logitech's. they never broke on the plastic, but the fabric muff got gross lol

you might be able to use some JB weld if it hasnt fully broken yet to reinforce it. maybe use some material to up and down the crack. like cut up paper clip or toothpick possibly to put in the JB weld.

without pictures its hard to suggest a fix.

good luck!

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