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High end Ivy Bridge consumer desktop released by Dell in 2013. Comes in White and Black or Black case options.

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When I turn on my computer it began beeping g 4 times continuously

When I turn on my computer it beeps 4 times continuously (beep, beep, beep, beep stop then beep, beep, beep, beep). The screen would remain black. At times , the computer would come on at startup I would login and start using it, then 20 minutes or so, it would start beeping and the screen would go black. Please, help me with this for I am desperate. Your response would be so appreciated.

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A 4 beep error code is a memory problem.

Try re-seating the memory modules on the motherboard and check if that resolves the problem.

By that I mean turning off the PC and removing the power from the PC and then opening it up and removing the memory modules from the motherboard and then putting them back in again and then re-assembling the PC, reconnecting the power and see if it starts normally.

Here's the owner manual for the PC. Go to p.27 to view the necessary pre-requisite steps and then the procedure to remove/replace the memory modules.

On p.23 it shows how to remove the cover from the computer case and on p.21 it shows the location of the memory modules on the motherboard.

If the PC does start normally after having done this, if you have Win 10 installed run the Windows Memory Diagnostic and check the results. You may have a failing memory module.

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Reseated the memory chips and the PC started normally. Ran memory diagnostic and everything was clear. Thanks for tip.


I've tried reseating the ram chips but I'm still getting the beeps. What could this mean?


@Gena Matthews

You may have a faulty ram module.

What is the model number of the PC?

If it has more than 1 ram module, try removing all the modules except one and then try starting the PC and check.

If no good, remove the inserted one and try another one etc.

Always disconnect the power to the PC (or disconnect/remove battery) before removing/replacing ram modules and then reconnect the power


@jayeff If one OEM module goes out, even if I know the others may not follow I usually do a matched pair replacement to 16GB when the machine supports it.

It's not worth risking a compatibity issue with OEM parts, since they tend to be binned on the low end.



Totally agree, but my comment was only to find out if there was a faulty module or not and if so then to do as you suggest


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