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Digitizer not working - screen change

I cracked the screen on my iPhone 8 so ordered a replacement off eBay. It's not a genuine apple.

I switched the home button over, installed the screen, turned the phone on and the phone was acting really weird. It was really slow to boot, did not find mobile network signal it just displayed 'Searching' and then the screen just went black - the screen was actually quite responsive before this point though.

I decided to remove the replacement and fit my old one, genuine appl. Now the digitizer does not work - it was perfect before. The home button works fine, phone boots normally and connects to my mobile network.

Any idea what has gone wrong?

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I am trying to upload a photo of the mainboard. I have noticed the bottom right silver connection doesn't look right. I think it's a ground for the touch?

If it hasn't uploaded correctly, there is a direct link to it here https://ibb.co/0yKsSRt


I bought a genuine apple replacement screen secondhand and the phone now works perfectly.

Seems the dodgy copy I bought off eBay wasn't up to the job.


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This phone will likely need motherboard work due to the fact that the replacement screen does not work and your original screen no longer works. Try taking off that foam-like sticker around the display connector, take another picture and then upload it. That should give me a better idea if anything important is missing or damaged, which right now I don't notice anything wrong. I hope this helps!

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It won't let you link photos in comments, you would have to go back and edit it in to your original post. But I see what you mean about the connector. I am actually having a really similar issue with an iPhone 8 and I was reminded by another user here that those grounding pins actually can interfere with touch functionality.

Try plugging in just the display connector and no home button and see if you get touch functionality back. If so, it may just be the pins on the one end of the connector (the silver ones near where you mentioned) need to be bent back so they are more exposed and can make good contact with the cable.

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