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My Gemini AS70 Walkman has started for some reason to play too fast. Could anyone help? It would be much appreciated.

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dog peed on my cassete

my dog peed on my cassette will this ruin it or is the music still playable

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Do you mean a cassette tape or the player?


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Well the acid in the urine won't do the tape much good.

You could try this method at least to get it clean enough to get it working so that you can make a copy.

I realize that it is for a video tape but the principle would be the same. Might depend on how important the tape is.

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well this is very important cassette that I own so I'm gonna try this


If it is a healthy dog the urine will be ph neutral but may spill glucose, ammonia and potassium on it. Cleaning it with some distilled water and a couple of Q-tips should do the job. I would suggest that you open the cassette carefully to clean the inside as well.


can i use water on the tape or no and how should I dry it @oldturkey03


@keith_themuscovyduck deionized or distilled water will work. Dab it on a cotton tip applicator , clean the tape, then dry with another applicator. Once it is reasonable cleaned, make a backup tape!


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