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Repair guides and troubleshooting for Acer Predator 17.3" laptops, a group of high-end gaming computers from Acer. These laptops features a 17.3" display, dedicated GPU, and a modular bay for either an optical drive or cooling module.

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Battery not taking a charge?

My acer predator laptop all of a sudden stopped charging, one night it was charging just fine and the next day it just stopped, it wasnt moved from its spot or dropped or damaged in anyway, just stopped charging

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Try taking out the battery and starting it


Hi @ josh price,

What is the model number of the laptop as printed on the label on the bottom of the laptop?

Have you tried a different compatible charger to see if that worked in case the charger or charger cord is faulty?


@jayeff im about to order a new charging cable, will update when it arrives


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I will suggest checking the charging cable first, if there is a charging light indicating on your laptop and still doesn't get charged then under the laptop you will find a small battery reset buttonhole, using any pin you can reset the battery. Hope this will solve the problem.

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