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Find repair and additional information for the Samsung RS265TD**, a side-by-side refrigerator introduced in 2010 with an automatic defrost feature and an anti-sweat heater switch. This page covers information for model numbers matching the pattern RS265TD**.

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Samsung RS265TDPN ice maker not dispensing enough water (with beep)

I have a Samsung RS265TDPN refrigerator which stopped producing ice last week. I've scoured the internet to figure out the exact cause, but I'm not quite sure and hoping someone here can help. Here's the situation:

I thaw out the bin and perform a reset. The ice dispenser arms and the bin bar move as expected. Then when water starts coming out it goes for about 2 seconds then stops and the fridge makes a single beep. Nothing then happens (no ice is dispensed, no additional water is dispensed).

Water pressure is not the issue, and the water dispenser for those two seconds is at a good level (it's not trickling out by any means). As all the physical traits are working properly, I'm guessing it's a sensor, but not sure if it's a sensor on the water valve, the dispenser, or the fridge's motherboard (hoping it's not this).

Has anyone come across this issue and identified which part is causing the water to shut off prematurely and make the fridge beep?

Parts (based on my research):

Ice dispenser - DA97-11092B

Water Valve - DA97-07827B

DA97-11092B - Samsung Refrigerator Ice Maker Bild


DA97-11092B - Samsung Refrigerator Ice Maker


DA97-07827B - Samsung Refrigerator Water Inlet Valve Bild


DA97-07827B - Samsung Refrigerator Water Inlet Valve


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I don't know the answer but here's the RS265TD Fast Track R2 troubleshooting test sheet which is applicable to your model.

It shows the operation sequence of the ice maker -see p.2, and an explanation of the error codes (if any) on p.3 and on p.5 it gives the expected voltage levels on the ice maker connector on the control board - CN90.

Hopefully this will help to narrow down what the problem is.

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Thanks @jayeff, I did forget to say in my first post I'm getting error 26 , which is not on the test sheet. Reading the Heat Release I/M Test Mode, it does seems it's going through the test properly after I've used my heat gun, as the "water supply valve is energized and then de-energized", but if there are ice cubes the harvester gets stuck on the cubes. This means I've identified that it's an issue with the heat release heater, but then the question I have is it the heater itself within the ice maker or is it the control board (part DA41-00670C). If anyone has experience please let me know!


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