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Known as the E39 , the 4th generation of the BMW 5 Series mid size sedan.

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Radiator Expansion Tank Fix

I have a 540i... the expansion tank spread apart, the two body pieces.

Do not get a new spare

I want to glue it... need to know what plastic it is made of and what adhesive I should use

Thank you very much

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Polypropylene. I suggest finding bmw forums for more info. Be aware of glues for pp but may not be good enough for use because expansion tanks are under heat and pressure.


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5 series and cooling issues. When these cars get old, things like hoses and apparently expansion tanks seem to go out.

I would strongly consider spending the big bucks and getting a replacement - even if it means begging at the dealer.

The problem with gluing is that you need both a good leak free seal and a strong one that can survive 200+ degree water. If you get the glue wrong, it will come apart again and you will have to clean off the glue to get a proper seal on your next attempt.

If it's a non-pressured tank, you can buy some really nice looking aftermarket/racing expansion tanks. If its pressurized.. forget it. Buy a new one.

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