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Controller für das Valve Index VR-Headset wurden am 28. Juni 2019 veröffentlicht.

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Battery Replacement for Index Controllers

In February we were promised guides and parts for the valve but this place is empty and void of any valve teardowns or parts. What happened? Was the plan scraped? Lots of users need new batteries for the controllers, some of those devices are 3 years old now.

It’s still the 2nd most popular vr headset on the market.

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Now a replacement battery can be obtained at XINJ store on Aliexpress. It's a 1000mah battery, not 1100mah as the original one, but it would work as a replacement in case Valve refuses to help.

Video with controller disassembly up until the battery compartment can be seen here:


How to replace the battery with a connector (I'd still go for solderinng tbh):




Info about battery can be found here.


PL802056V 3.8V (model number)
1100mah 4.18Wh (specs)

+18100604-1 (this looks to be battery serial number, as I found 2 different ones)

More details in my own disassembly:
10.78x56.86x21.47 in paper fold with rubber pad and expanded chamber and control board (finished battery).
50.59x19.24x9.62 just the normal dimensions without control board and expanded gas chamber (just the cell without wires/board).
Model number under paper is the same: PL802056V 3.8V 1100mAh 4.18Wh
Serial number is different from the paper wrap: 19072902-1

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Two things. First, many of the guides at iFixit are user generated. A Quality Guide takes time to complete. Even if you know the process by heart, it still means documenting the process step by step. This entails photographing and/or videoing the process. Writing everything out in clear and concise steps and assembling everything together in a way that tells the story of how to perform the repair.

Second. I cannot speak for iFixit, but I don't know that there was mention of documentation being specifically provided as part of the agreement with Valve, only providing parts. I suspect guides will come (user generated or otherwise), but iFixit sells lots of parts that do not have explicit guides for install. And agreements for distribution/sales of that sort also take time to hash out and implement. Apple announced their Self Repair program in November and just rolled it out a few days ago. I know it's not always the easiest thing, but I think in this case, patience is the best antidote.

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The image of the guide containing the information:

Block Image

Not sure if that helps but usually the model of the battery shows the dimensions, so 802056 would be 8mm x 20mm x 56mm. It would be great if someone confirms the dimensions. Also, LP could be for lithium polymer.

Two notes from the guide:

  • the og battery is 3.8v nominal and the controllers charge it to over 4.3v, if you use the controllers to charge an external cell do not use a regular 3.7/4.2v one or it will explode.
  • The white wire from the original battery seems to be for a thermistor as it measures ~10kOhms to ground

With all these information I still can't found a replacement battery to buy :-/

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https://www.reddit.com/r/ValveIndex/comm... I disassembled a controller just yesterday.

10x20x51 is just the battery module without control board


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