Xc90 2007 Heater is not working?

The heater on the XC90 2007 doesn't seem to generate heat why?

what could be the problem?

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Does the blower work? Is the heater core plugged? Does the door not move to heat? We need more info please



Yes blower works,

don't know if the core is blocked and it is a button to change to heat?


Heaters are usually supplied with engine coolant so there should be two medium sized heater core hoses from the engine to the firewall. Another two hoses would be the ac system in the same area. Heater hoses are larger and should feel hot with a fully warmed up engine. One hose is coolant output from the engine, the other is the return from the heater back to the cooling system, either to the coolant container or back to the engine. If blockage exists, the return hose may not feel as hot as the supply hose. The hvac system may be either electronically controlled or manual. Electronic climate control heads either work or not. Dialing or pressing the up/down button to increase/decrease heat tend to use a temperature door inside hvac box where heat and cold are mixed for interior comfort.

To summarize, plumbing would be the heater hoses and heater core with coolant flowing thru. The hvac controls may be either manual or electronic. The temperature door moves to increase/decrease heated air.


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