Mitte 2006 / Modellnummer A1181 / schwarzes oder weißes Gehäuse / 1,83 oder 2,0 GHz Intel Core Duo Prozessor.

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Early 2006 MacBook won't boot unless pressure is applied on left side

Usually the Macbook doesn't boot on power up. No chime, black screen, no hard drive sound, cd/dvd drive access sound once, sleep light stays on steadily. Tried resetting SMC and PRAM.

If I firmly grip the Macbook on the left side palm rest and the back and press the power button, it will chime and boot!

I apply pressure similar to the way you diagnose an ibook with the GPU solder problem.

The Macbook stays on for a while then suddenly loses power and back to square one.

I took the logic board out, cleaned it, and examined the connections. Same symptoms before and after.

Any ideas? What's on the left side of the Macbook that could be doing this?

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Does this happen on AC power, or just battery power? If battery power only, it could be explained by the battery connector being loose, and when you apply pressure it temporarily seats the connector far enough in its socket to work. Unlikely, but that's all I can think of offhand.

If it happens on AC power too, that makes it more difficult to diagnose. Maybe the board is shorting out, but when you apply pressure, the short fails to happen? Or maybe there is a cracked trace on the board that is re-connected when you apply pressure?

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Thanks for the ideas. I have to put this aside until after the holidays.


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