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Bosch Side by Side Fridge Freezer E 47 code

We've been troubleshooting a leak in our Bosch side by side fridge freezer for a while (model number KAD62V40GB/13) which we finally found was a blocked drain pipe for the excess water from the freezer, we've cleared the blockage, put the freezer back together and it's all working as expected, except for the fact that the front display is now showing E 47. Usually it would just display the temperature figures for the freezer and fridge (note these are not actual readings just what they should be). The fridge freezer appears to be working perfectly normally.

So I've no idea what this code means, Google isn't helping me and Bosch have been particularly unhelpful by not telling us what it means just that it needs and engineer.

Does anyone have any idea what the E 47 code means in Bosch Fridge Freezer speak?

Thanks in advance


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Hi Claire,

Have you tried to reset the refrigerator? Unplug for 5 minutes. If that don't clear the error codes try a hard reset by unugging for 30-45 minutes, will restore to factory settings.


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