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Die Oculus Quest 2 ist der Nachfolger der Oculus Quest die am 21. Mai 2019 auf den Markt kam. Die Quest 2 ist ein überarbeitetes Model mit einem besseren Prozessor und neu gestalteten Touch Controllern.

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I got water on my oculus

I spilt water on my floor and my oculus was next to it because i just sat it down real quick and now its not turning on. I have even charged it

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Here is a teardown guide. You can try to open it up, disconnect the battery, clean any corrosion you find (alcohol, soft toothbrush extreme care) dry thoroughly, reassemble and pray. This assumes it is out of warranty, if not take it back and see if they will help you. I suspect a shop would charge more than a $300 device is worth for repair, but maybe not. Note: next time you get water in electronics, power off, unplug, remove batteries and be sure its DRY before letting it have any electricity. Being wet isn't the problem. (Well, with plain water anyway, other spills have other problems) while wet is. Good luck. Note:

As part of your drying effort. Seal it in a bag with preferably silica gel(works best) or dry rice or cat litter or oatmeal leave it for 24 to 48 hours to absorb any remaining water.

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